Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Back on the Juice

...the caffeine juice, that is. And I am so grossed out right now. It's very possible I may hurl if I don't block it out of my mind. I was just drinking my second giant glass of iced coffee, when I noticed there was something in my mouth. I absent-mindedly felt it with my tongue and between my teeth. I spit it out onto my finger, AND IT WAS A BUG. A little brown beetle-type bug.


I don't know what happened with the caffeine thing. I was having none, then I was having one or two a week, etc. It crept up on me, and suddenly I was back to drinking two or three giant glasses per day again. I like it, DAMMIT. (I know that's the wrong spelling, but I like spelling it that way so shuddup. You are so critical. Gawd!)

My headache finally went away last night around 7:00. Or at least it subsided enough that I got up out of bed and joined "the family" in the living room. It faded in and out through the evening but was never really bad again. I think I sat at my computer too long typing yesterday. I was there from 8:30-4:50, and only got up once and took about an hour break while I went to the grocery store. I will never learn. I can't help it, though, because I get caught up in working and don't even think about what I'm doing or how long I've been sitting here. I need to set an alarm on my computer to remind me to get up and stretch or something.

I can't believe there was a beetle in my mouth. ACK!

What the heck is Active-X, and why is a box suddenly popping up on all of my favorite Internet pages asking me if I want to run an "Active-X Control," and no matter what I choose, I get an error message and the whole damn thing shuts down? I can't read my blogs! I can't see the latest celebrity gossip! Whatever shall I do? I guess I'll call somebody at Microsoft and see if they can help me. It better not be somebody with curry breath either that doesn't know anything more than I do! I hate that.

I need to wash my mouth out with Listerine. There are probably bug legs in my teeth. EWW!

I'm going to dig him out of the trash and take a picture so you can see him and be grossed out with me...

OH MY GAWD!! It's a fly, not a beetle! LOOK!!

Oh, Lordie. That's GROSS. That is the exact bug that was in my MOUTH! I need to go lie down.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    You have serious hygenie problems.
    Thats right. I seen a cockroach eat the collar off your shirt. BP

  2. OMG! It only has one red eyeball. Do you think you swallowed the other one? I'm totally going to throw up!


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