Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Want a Do-Over

I'd like to have all of my dogs' toenails removed. The clicking noise on the wood floors drives me batty. I'd much rather have carpet than these floors, but it's impossible to keep carpet clean with four dogs and a cat living on it. I wonder why they don't remove dog toenails like they do cat toenails. I think I've mentioned before that I've tried to duct-tape baby socks onto their feet in an attempt to stop the noise. It doesn't work. They still slip off in a matter of minutes. I need to do some research on the Internet. Surely I'm not the only person in the world who is irritated by that noise. Somebody has a good idea out there somewhere, and I'll find it.
I'm wearing a wrist brace again. That pain in my right palm returned yesterday. Oh, joy. computer is being a brat this morning and is acting up.
I think I'll shut it down, go back to bed for an hour and start this day over. I'm just a tad irritable. Can you tell? I refuse to go through my whole day this way. I'll be back later with a new attitude.
G'day, Mates.

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  1. We all need a ctrl-alt-del sometimes. Hope your re-boot works!!


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