Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Store & The Dump

This is your lucky day, people. Not only did I take pictures at the new grocery store, I also took pictures at the dump! Here we go...

I took this picture standing in line at Starbucks. Nice floral shop and loads of organic stuff throughout the store. It's like they combined a Whole Foods Market, a regular grocery store, and a Target. They had EVERYTHING. I meant to take more pictures, but I think I walked around with my mouth hanging open the whole time. I was in there about an hour, and I didn't see the whole store.
Outside. Duh.
Da Dump
Da Dump Trucks

We made an early morning run to the dump to get rid of the big pile of brush we accumulated over the weekend doing yard work. They have quite a system there. I guess dumps have come a long way since the 70s. That's the last time I remember going to a dump. Back then, we just drove our truck in an unmanned gate and dump our crap in a vast wasteland of crap. This morning we had to go through TWO manned gates, where the dump Natzis scrutinized our most current utility bill and driver's license. Then they instructed us where to go to dump the brush, and where to go to dump the wood and metals. The yard where we dumped both categories of things was tiny compared to what I remember. Apparently the dump workers scoop up the brush not long after you dump it and turn it into wood chips or mulch, and they scoop up the scrap metals and wood and turn it into, uh, scrappy woody metal stuff.
I bought some stuff to put streaks in my hair. I'm going to go see how bad I can mess it up. As long as I don't end up looking like a skunk, I'm good. Pictures may or may not be posted of the results.
One more week to wait and see if my Lap Band has slipped back into place. I can tell you that it hasn't as of this moment. Nothing has changed. I'm still having these really loud gurgly noises in my throat every few seconds like there's air churning around down there that can't escape. I can't go anywhere that I have to stand close to people or where it's really quiet or people start to stare. I can only smile weakly and say, "Sorry. I have this thing." What else am I going to do? I can't go into the whole long story about how my Lap Band slipped, and what is a Lap Band, and what do you mean "slipped"? I guess I could, but I don't wanna.
That is all.

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  1. Nice store! Nice dump, too! Gee... I haven't been to the dump in years either. I wonder if ours is all high tech, high security now. I wonder why all the security??? I mean, who cares if the dump blows up? Oh well..... sorry your slippage problem hasn't corrected itself. Do you think this started back when you got the fill that wasn't measured correctly? If so, I feel a lawsuit coming on.....


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