Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Laundry Room Before/After

Plain White (Don't look at the dirty wall around the light switch. That must have been left by the previous owners. Yeah, that's it. Those pigs!)

Do you think that color is hideous? Sometimes I think it's horrible, and other times I think I like it. I definitely like it better than the white. ANYTHING is better than white.


  1. I DEFINATELY like the color. Yes, it is much better than white. Laundryrooms are usually so dreary but yours is HOT!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Wow that looks good and I like the color. I need your motivation!
    Your like the trading spaces show!
    Glad you got air. Mine is on and its cold in here! Ok off to get more demotivated. See ya, Boon Paps

  3. That color is great. Of course, if you go back and look at my family room re-do photo's, you'll see I'm partial to strong colors on walls. But white is just so, so, blah!!


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