Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Granny Pee Pants

I woke up last night and felt wetness on the sheets. That's not unusual because I have night sweats all the time and wake up dripping with sweat. But as I got more awake, I noticed that my clothes were dry, and the wetness was farther down in the bed. No, I didn't wet the bed.

Abbey, the 80-lb boxer did.

She was still laying in it, and it appeared that she never even woke up. In fact, I know she didn't because she would have gotten off the bed if she had, and she probably would have been hiding somewhere.

My heart starting pounding when it occurred to me she might have died during the night and that's what caused her to pee. She still hadn't moved. Then, like I did when my children were little, I put my hand on her side to see if she was still breathing.

She was.

She's been on predisone for several days now because of her injured back, and she's been drinking a lot more water because of it. I suppose that's what caused her to do this, and I felt bad for her. She would have been so ashamed if she knew what she did. That's just the way she is. I didn't show her what she did, but I've been calling her "Granny Pee Pants" all day. Hee.

I cleaned up the mess and put new sheets on the bed. Thank goodness I had a thick mattress pad on the bed, and it didn't get on the mattress or the foam pad. It sucked making the bed half awake in the middle of the night though. Plus, I had to wash her down with a washcloth because she was all wet on the side she was laying on. And all this with no air conditioning. I opened my big mouth the other day about there not being very high humidity. It was humid as hell last night, and there was no breeze.

It's nice and cool today. We're supposed to get storms today and the next few days. The air conditioner won't be fixed until Thursday. We need a new compressor, and it won't come in until then.

Gotta go. It's time for Granny Pee Pants to have lunch.

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  1. Prescription for night sweats: BLACK COHOSH. You can by it at health food places or vitamin stores. I'm taking it every-other day (I have to keep a piece of paper with the bottle to keep tabs on when I take it because I forget...) Be sure and look it up on line and read about it first. It really works! I swear!


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