Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Call Me Cleo

Queen of Denial

Well, my band is still slipped, which is no surprise to me. The doctor says he needs to do surgery again to reposition it. As much as I don't want to have surgery again, I would do it except my insurance company won't pay to have it repositioned. They will pay to have it removed, but not repositioned. I declare that I will not have this thing removed! He'll have to come find me, and then I'll run and he'll have to chase me, and IF he catches me, I hope he doesn't need his nuts anymore cuz I'll rip them suckers right off! I swear! He cannot have it!

His insurance girl is supposed to call me back shortly and let me know how much it will cost to pay for it myself, which really SUCKS because I'm still paying for the original surgery! Gah! I'm going to go back into denial, where I've been the last two weeks, and pretend everything is okay.

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  1. Well CRAP! That just sucks, big time! What's wrong with these insurance companies anyway. Can you call and bitch at them and get them to change their tune? Sometimes they just deny stuff to be mean and then if you call and raise a ruckus, they change their story.


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