Sunday, April 22, 2007

Various & Sundry

I went to a plant nursery yesterday to get more plants for the garden in the side yard. I got three Rosemarys, a couple of hastas, and two other things I don't know the name of because the crazy lady with the Hee Haw hat that worked there latched on to me and walked with me all over that place talking non-stop and pointing out every plant that was ever on the face of the earth that does well in shade. Damn, that was a long sentence. Just to shut her up, I finally just took two random plants and ran away. I thought I was home free while I was checking out until I saw the Hee Haw hat lady coming around the counter. She wanted to tell me that if I have problems with snails around the hastas, they have some stuff that I can sprinkle around them that makes them magically disappear. Okay, thank you again. Buh-bye.

Then I went to the Dollar Store to get Barnaby some crates that he wanted for the garage after he saw the ones I bought for the newly decorated and painted laundry room. Grouchy Old Sea Hag Lady that works in the Dollar Store argued with me over the price of the crates for ten minutes and then finally gave up when I became a much bigger Sea Hag than her. I win! Things were looking up.

I got cleaned up and took a hot bath when I got home just in time to sit down and watch the Saturday night NASCAR Cup race. I love night races, have I mentioned? It seemed to go on forever, but ended up being a really good race. Tony Stewart (asshole) and Jeff Gordon (cutie pie) did some great racing near the end, but Jeff pervailed and won the race. Yea!


June Beetle: Any of various large North American scarabaeid beetles of the subfamily Melolonthinae, appearing in late spring and having larvae that are destructive to vegetation. Also called June bug, May beetle.

I swear, I have had more dog issues and made more trips to the vet in the last couple of months than I have in the last 10 years. Earlier in the week, Sammi got sick. I was sure she was dying of parvo because the stupid lady that answered the phone at the vet said that's what she thought it was after listening to Sammi's symptoms. Even though Sammi has had all the shots she's supposed to at this point, her immune system may not have had time to build up against it. (The vet later said that was bullshit and rolled his eyes at me. Later, I saw him giving her the stink eye as she slunk away to the back.)

Long story even longer, she was sick because she ate too many June Bugs and cat treats, both of which are very high in fat and make many dogs sick, apparently. Did you know that you're not supposed to give dogs any kind of cat food or cat treats? Neither does the Rotten-Toothed English Dog Trainer that leads Sammi's obedience classes. She's the one that told everybody in class to give our puppies cat treats during training sessions because dogs love them and they're small. Dumbass.

Sammi got three shots to "calm her tummy and shut down her pancreas." She ate and drank nothing for 24 hours. Then we had to give her chicken baby food twice the next day. That was yesterday. Since she was fine with that and has steadily improved, we're now supposed to give her boiled chicken and rice for the next five days. Man, these dogs are a pain in my ass lately...and worth every bit of it.

She seems fine now. I have no idea how we're going to keep her from eating June Bugs. After it gets dark, they come out from underground, and they're everywhere in the backyard. I was running around after her like an idiot in pajamas last night while she chased them all over. She thought that was hilarious and tons of fun. She grabbed one and ran in the house with it, me and Barnaby in tow as she madly crunched away on the June Bug. Gah! That's a horrible sound. Their hard shells crunch when chewed. I guess she'll just have to stay inside once it's dark from now on.

He said she was just a super-sensitive dog -- remember when she had an allergic reaction to her shots? It doesn't make much sense to me. There must be millions of dogs that eat June Bugs, and I've never heard of one nearly dying because of it. Have you? City dogs are sissies. I bet there are wild dogs that live on June Bugs.

Speaking of living on June Bugs...Barnaby said that he has read in Survival books that if you are lost or stranded or whatever, you should eat June Bugs because they are so high in fat, and they'll keep you from starving to death. But I guess if you're a dog, you'll throw up and shit so much you'll die? Ridiculous!


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  1. Yuk! I hate June bugs. We don't get them till June here. Sounds like you get zillions of them...waaaay more than we do. I bought garden plants yesterday and today - all shade plants! How funny! I got LOBELIA, IMPATIENTS, and BEGONIAS. Today I also bought a NEW ZEALAND TEA TREE and DUSTY MILLER. The tea tree is really just a bush but you can train it into a tree-like shape or whatever you want. They take full sun, so does the Dusty Miller. Sorry to hear about Sammy. Poor little thing! I'd heard you weren't supposed to give dogs cat food. It's hard to keep them out of it though. That dog trainer needs to be "trained" herself. What a dumbass!


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