Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Utility Room Makeover

A rare thing has happened at Scotty's Place today. I'm all caught up on work. (Knocking on wood & throwing salt over shoulder) I'm going to paint our laundry room today, or at least start. I'm not sure how long it's going to take. It's just a tiny room. I was going to paint it a pastel minty-aqua-ish color, but when I went to Home Depot to look at colors and get the paint, I could tell that color would make me insane in about two and a half seconds. I'm going to use some paint we bought a couple of years ago and then didn't like because it looked too orange. I'm thinking it will be okay in that small room though. The color is called Chai. It's kind of a terra cotta, brownish, reddish, brickish color.

I got all inspired to do this when I was looking at Real Simple magazine a couple of weeks ago. They had done a laundry room makeover for someone and had before and after pictures. That got me to thinking how blah my laundry room is. I'm going to paint the one built-in wood shelf white and make a trip to the Container Store for some of the other stuff they had used in hers to help with organization. Sure wish I could go buy the fancy new front-load washer and dryer she got. I'm sure our old Maytag washer and dryer will shit the bed any day now. We've had them for 16 years!

First I have to go figure out how to unhook the washer and dryer from the wall and move them out of there. That should be a fun time and scare the crap out of the dogs.

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