Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two for One Bonus Entry

Don't touch my boxes!
Fairy Lamps

I found this entry that I wrote awhile back, complete with pictures, but never posted:

I’m in box heaven, y’all. Look at all these lovely boxes. I’ve been getting a lot of them lately because of my eBay madness, and I just can’t throw them away. I might want to sell something on eBay myself, and these boxes are perfect. They even have bubble wrap and packing “worms” inside! Barnaby is going to kill me if I don’t get rid of them soon. Or hide them. I love boxes!

I had never even heard of a fairy lamp before I started surfing around eBay, have you? These are the three different kinds I’ve seen. I had the green one packed away. My mother gave it to me a long time ago. I’m sure she didn’t call it a fairy lamp though. I got the other two on eBay. You light a tea light and put it inside. They’re really pretty when lit. There are much prettier ones, but I wasn’t willing to pay much, so I didn’t win them. I got the amber one for $8 and the blue one for $18. I really really wanted a lavender one, but apparently so did everybody else. I think it ended up going for $35. Maybe I’ll get lucky and sneak a bid in when nobody’s looking some day. Go check ‘em out! Just go to eBay and put “fairy lamp” in the search box. You’ll see lots of them.

End of old entry.

I've accomplished quite a bit today. I'm very proud of myself. This is my day so far. Be jealous of my exciting life.

  • 7:30: Got up & got dressed. (Yes, that counts as something)
  • 7:40: Fed the dogs, let them out & back in again, got them fresh water, gave Abby her pill and eye ointment, and gave Phoebe her pill.
  • 7:50: Got a big glass of iced coffee, a travel mug with ice water, put some dry Cheerios in a plastic container with a lid and went to my office.
  • 8:00 - 9:30: Finished a transcript that was needed this morning and emailed it, and talked to my mother on the phone.
  • 9:30 - 10:30: Took a bath, got dressed, put on make-up, and painted my toenails. (Eww, feet)
  • 10:30 - 2:00: Went to the bank (deposit), library (return books), post office (file insurance claim for damaged to contents of an insured package), Petco (Sign up Sammi for classes), THREE grocery stores (To get Barnaby's car registration -- one was out of stickers, one was closed??, and one didn't do registrations), bought a magazine (Diet & Exercise), and called Barnaby and talked while I drove home.
  • 2:10: Fed the dogs, changed their water, let them out, ate some ice cream, and went back to my office to work but read a couple of online journals and made this entry instead.
  • 2:45: I'm going to work until about 4:00, and then take a nap or make something for dinner.


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Wow haven't read your blog in a while. your some kinda busy. good for you. BP

  2. I was looking at lamps on ebay a while back and ran into those "fairy lamps". I'd NEVER heard them called that before either! Geez, all that running around you did made ME tired.


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