Friday, April 13, 2007

Mindless Drivel

The laundry room is finished being painted and organized. I can't let you see a picture yet because the washer is still in the garage. It's there because there's something wrong with the hose and it's leaking water. Barnaby is going to fix it this weekend, supposedly. That's what I get for mentioning that we've had the washer and dryer for 16 years with nary a problem. They're both going to blow up now.

The air conditioner is making a loud whistling noise (outside) when it comes on. It's probably annoying the crap out of our neighbors. I think their bedroom is right there where our air conditioning unit is. I told Barnaby to just spray WD40 on it. That's my fix for everything. I must have gotten that from my grandfather. My mother tells me he bought it in gallon-size containers all the time. Their stuff must have been well-oiled if nothing else. I love the way that stuff smells too. Anyway, the air conditioner is probably going to blow up any day now too.

I finally found the Levi Trouser Jeans I've been searching for. Last time I checked their Website, they didn't have my size, and supposedly the only store that sells them within 50 miles of my house was still too far. I saw them featured in a Celeb magazine again, which is where I saw them the first time too, and decided to check again. They had them, I ordered them, and they should get here next week. They look kind of crappy in the picture online, but they look great in the magazine. I'm hoping the magazine picture is more accurate.

We're supposed to be getting storms today that last from about 2pm until 10pm. I'm looking forward to the rain. I'll have to bake some bread or something.

Stay's Friday the 13th! I hope nothing blows up on you. Later.

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  1. Well I hope you don't get that same "Chatty Cathy" air-conditioner guy who left his cell phone or credit card or something important in your house! I hate it when mechanical things start making weird noises because I always think the worst too. The jeans sound interesting. I haven't seen them. It was a good friday the 13th for me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Big Daddy and I are enjoying a taste of that new Miller Chill beer - the one with lime and salt in it. It's pretty good!


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