Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Continues

I swear I'm not making this up.

We had to take Little Boy to the 24-hour emergency pet clinic last night at 8:00 because he was choking and having trouble breathing. This is the fourth time this has happened to him, always in the early spring. I had already told the vet that twice before vets had told us that there was nothing up there and it was just allergies, but they were always wrong. The first time, Little Boy suffered for 7 days after a vet told us it was just allergies. He choked and sneezed and wheezed for days before it worked it's way up through his nose and Barnaby and I finally found it and pulled it out with tweezers. I KNOW THERE'S GRASS UP THERE...GO FIND IT. Sure enough, he had a 5-inch blade of grass hung up in the back of his throat and nose.

So...$186 later, we came home.What's going on? Maybe I need to burn some sage or something. I'm really not that upset about all this stuff. I started to get all bothered about it yesterday when the air conditioner went out, but then it just went away. I'm glad because all that really does is make things worse.

There was a cool breeze yesterday afternoon and into the evening, so it was rather pleasant in the house temperture-wise with the windows open and fans on.

I'm going to go dig out some summer clothes and merrily go about my normal Sunday activities -- watch the race, do laundry -- and thank the Lord it's not 100 degrees with 85 percent humidity yet.
Little Boy

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  1. Poor Little Boy! Give him a little pat on the head from his Aunt Patsy. I'd give YOU a hug if you were close enough. Maybe this will be the end of pet problems.


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