Monday, March 26, 2007

Totally Not Interesting

I'm taking Abby to the vet this afternoon. She's got some kind of eye infection. She's had it for several days, and it's really bothering her, so I figure I'd better get some antibiotics for her before she goes blind. The eye looks fine until you pull the top and bottom lids back and see the inside. It's all red and swollen. She's probably got the Doggy Pink Eye.

A couple of my rose bushes died. Actually, I don't think they were alive when I planted them. I've just confirmed that they are, in fact, dead. Isn't that interesting? You see why I haven't updated much lately? There's just nothing happening I feel like blathering about.
Oh, did I tell you I went to the doctor and got a cortisone shot for the carpel tunnel thing? I think I may have mentioned it. Anyway, it hasn't done any good. I can't tell I got a shot of anything. Steroids usually make me have a lot of energy for a few days, but not this time. I think maybe he didn't give me a high enough dose. I've been wearing a wrist brace and have been using a subcontractor for all my work this past week. Maybe it will go away eventually. The d-d-d-doctor did call me back the next day and tell me I needed to come back in because he got the results of my blood tests and my blood sugar and cholesterol were both too high. I went back in and he did a redraw to run the tests again. I hadn't fasted the first day, and he thinks maybe that's why the results were like they were. I'm still waiting for him to call me today with the results of the second test. The cholesterol thing wouldn't surprise me since my mom and dad both take meds for high cholesterol. And my dad does have diabetes, but I'd be surprised if that test came back high again. It would suck too. I do eat an awful lot of ice cream. And have I mentioned I like sugar?

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  1. Oh crud. That's too bad about your new rose bushes dying already. I ordered one called LOVE POTION from Heirloom Roses. You can find them online. I looked everywhere for it. It's a purple rose that smells so heavenly, I just had to have it. I planted it a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be doing fine. The only other rose that I have, that I really like is ICEBERG. It gets lots of small white roses on it and it blooms constantly. The other 5 bushes I have were cheap and the roses aren't that great or they don't bloom often enough. I think it pays to get good quality rose bushes. MR. LINCOLN is my favorite red rose. It's beautiful and fragrant. I should order one of those...........


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