Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stop Bitching!

Another household appliance bit the dust yesterday, and we had to go buy a new stove. Grrrr! I'm so pissed. First the water heater and now this. I guess the bright side is at least we had the money and didn't have to go in debt over these household expenses. But, still, it would have been nice to get to spend it on a nice vacation or something we wanted instead of things we had to have. The stove is used every day around here. It's not an option. Anyway, this is the one we decided on. It's a Frigidaire and has a convection option on it. We bought it at Lowe's last night and they delivered it this morning around 10:30. I've already got a batch of cookies in there baking. You can see them in the picture inside the oven if you look real hard. I'm happy, too, that I got an electric stove instead of gas. I hated the gas one.
Somebody needs a chin lift, among other things. I bet I could have had one for the money we spent on those appliances. (Okay, sorry. I'll stop bitchin'.) Can you tell I erased one of the lines between my eyebrows? I still look like I'm scowling though. I tried to erase that double chin too, but since it takes up 1/3 of the picture, it was too obvious. Gee, thanks, Mom. Why couldn't you give me your skinny legs genes instead? (I'm not bitchin'. It's just a question.)
I'm off to the grocery store. I'm afraid to stay around here too long for fear another household appliance will fall apart at my feet. Just please don't let it be the air conditioner! Please?

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  1. Brian9:58 AM

    Really got the Jamie Lee working in that last pic. Think the shades help that some.

    Funny how the appliances gang up on you like that. I'm convinced they talk to each other and plan it all for maximum impact. I'm betting the fridge will be next. Should we start a pool?


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