Tuesday, March 13, 2007

She's a Scavenger

Sammi with Her Big Stick
Why I Have To Vacuum Every Day

I've been leaving the back door open during the day because the weather has been so nice and the dogs like to wander in and out as they please. Sammi has taken to dragging things in all day -- leaves, sticks, and whatever else she can carry. Sunday I looked over and she was chewing on a fire log that was as big as she is. I would have loved to have seen her dragging that in. I can't believe I missed it. I wish I had taken a picture of it. As you can see from that first picture, she doesn't care how big it is, and she's gotten pretty good at maneuvering things through the door.
I'm in the midst of making the most elaborate cake I've ever made. It's called Lemon Lover's Cake. I say I'm in the midst because it took me three hours last night just to make the cake, the lemon curd, and the sugared lemons that will be used for decoration. By that time, I was so hot and tired I put everything in the fridge to finish today. I've probably got another hour and a half left to go. I have to split the cake layers in half, make the icing and ice the cake, make the white chocolate curls, put the lemon curd on top, and decorate the whole thing with the white chocolate curls and lemons. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll post a picture of it when it's done.
I won everything I bid on yesterday on Ebay. That Blenko glass with the leaf design is very hard to find. I did find some on a couple of glass collectors' sites, and they were really expensive. The cheapest I found was $74 for one glass! The only other things I found with the leaf design were vases, and they ran anywhere from $115 to $150 apiece. I found one glass that sold yesterday on eBay at a live auction for $30. The auction had just ended when I saw it. I didn't find any blue anywhere. Everything I saw was clear glass with either blue or gold leaves. Either I got a great deal, or the pitcher I bought for $18.99 isn't Blenko. She advertised it as such, though, so I guess we'll see. I'm going to try and get both pieces appraised. Not that I'm going to sell it, but I'd just like to know. It's either going in my lighted glass hutch or my lighted curio cabinet. I'm serious, y'all...keep your eyes open for it, and let me know if you find any! I don't believe I'll be spending $75 for one glass, but let me know anyway.
I'm off to finish my cake. Tah-tah.

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