Friday, March 02, 2007

Nicki Gene

Barnaby and I let Nicki’s ashes fly in the wind down at the Red River in Oklahoma in the fall of 1998. She loved it down there. The next time I went back which was several months later, there were white wildflowers ALL OVER the little island where we let them go. My son, Aaron, took a picture of one of the flowers, framed it, and gave it to me for Christmas that year. It’s the best present I’ve ever gotten.
Damn, I loved that dog! It was spiritual, I tell you!

Does anybody know what kind of flowers those are? Email me HERE if you do.


There's still a deep hole in my heart.


  1. She was such a sweetie! I miss Barney too.

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Nickers! I know she wants you to close the hole up. BP


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