Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just a Regular Day

What? It's all the rage.

I got out for the first time in days and days and caught up on some errands – bank, gas, grocery store, Linens & Things to exchange something, and Kohl’s. I got some new shoes (yes, different from the two pair I already ordered earlier in the week…did I mention I love shoes?), a Levi’s white denim skirt, and a sleeveless tee.

I also got more cauliflower at the grocery store to make soup. I love me some cauliflower soup. I haven’t made a recipe for cauliflower soup that I didn’t like yet. All the ones I’ve made call for you to boil the cauliflower in chicken stock, and some have assorted veggies like celery, onion, carrots, etc., and then you whir up the whole mess in a blender and add it back to the pot with some milk, and maybe some cheese or sour cream or something like that. Send me a recipe if you know of one that’s good, or try one yourself if you haven’t had any. Yum.

About Body Scrubs: I’ve been using several different body scrubs and facial scrubs lately. They make your skin so soft. I especially like the ones with oil in them. Philosophy is the one I like best for my face. It’s called The Greatest Love, or something cheesy like that. I hate how they name their products stupid stuff like that. I’ve been using St. Ives Apricot Scrub on my body and following that up with Vaseline Bath & Body Oil since the scrub itself doesn’t have any oil. I need to find one with oil already in it. Lordie, I’m soft and slick as snot when I first get out of the tub. It eventually all soaks in your skin though, and then you’re just soft. I love it. I think I’ll go up to Bath & Body Works and see what they have in their clearance bins. Surely they have a bunch of good-smellin’ ones. It sure makes your bathtub nasty though. Ick. Who knew all that nasty crap was on your body before you got in? It sure enough let’s you know about it when it mixes with the oil and leaves a black ring around your tub though. Note to self: clean the tub before house cleaner comes so she doesn’t think you’re a skank.

I look like the biggest dork right now. I’m wearing my new shoes around the house with really thick socks on. It looks dumb with camouflage capris. I look like Crazy Army Rambo Lady with socks and dress shoes. The shoes are a teeny bit tight in the width, so I’m trying to stretch them out a little before I wear them. I think I’ll let Barnaby go out and get the mail. We can fool the neighbors a little bit longer into thinking I'm sane.

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