Friday, March 09, 2007

A Gardening Entry

I planted four rose bushes yesterday, and it took me all day. Well, it took me about an hour each to dig the holes and get them planted, and I had to rest in between and make a trip to Wal-Mart. I guess that's why it took all day.
It was in the 70s yesterday, and I still sweated my ass off and nearly had a heat stroke. I'm a whimp. My face was all red and my clothes were wet with sweat. The 70s are the limit for me as far as temperature goes. All I can do when it gets above that is find some shade and take a nap or I'll have a heat stroke for sure. I guess I'm too much of a white girl.
The pictures are of a mini rose bush I bought yesterday. I've had them before but can never keep them alive, and now I know why. The little tag that tells you how to care from them says, "Evenly moist soil, bright light, 60-75 degrees." It's already hotter than that, and it's only the beginning of March. Why do they even sell them around here? Maybe I'll try keeping it inside in a pot and see if it lives this time.
I also bought some rosemary. I absolutely love the way rosemary smells, and I like to use it fresh out of the backyard in a few recipes I have. A neighbor has a giant one along his driveway in the back that is absolutely gorgeous. It's at least 5 feet around and gets tiny purple-ish blue flowers on it all summer. I planted one last year, but it died and I'm not sure why. I'll try again and put it out front in the shade this time.
Patsy: I think my Mexican Sage died over the winter. It doesn't look like it's coming to life anytime soon. I'll have to get another one. I think it may have been too late when I planted it last year. Have you gotten one yet?
Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll have an entry up if anything wildly exciting happens.

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  1. My Mexican Sage and Russian Sage plants suffered greatly with our rare extensive freezing weather this Winter. I'll cover them next time. Both are now getting new growth but I had to cut them, practically to the ground, because the old growth was frozen to death. Same thing with our Hibiscus bush which is nearly as tall as the house! I lost some succulents and a few other garden plants. My neighbor's Mexican Sage didn't suffer any freeze damage because it is semi-protected by a tall fence. It's already blooming........dammit.


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