Friday, January 12, 2007

Product Review & Cookie Tip

Look at the prolapsed gland in her little eye. Poor thing. The vet says she's too young to go under anesthesia and fix it. I may have to get a second opinion, because it's not getting any better and looks painful. Look at that little soft belly though! Lordie, she's cute. She's also a feisty little thing. I bet she has an attitude when she grows up.

I love these. I keep a bag in my office and one in my bedroom. You can grab one really quick and dust in a jiffy. They're also good for spot-dusting dog/cat hair off of wood floors really quick-like. Tip of the Day: When baking peanut butter cookies, press them down with a meat mallet instead of making that criss-cross pattern with a fork. It's quicker and looks fine. I sprinkle mine with sugar after pressing them.
Tip of the Afternoon: If you are over 45 years old, do not walk off after putting a sheet of cookies in the oven. Even if you set a timer, you will forget to start said timer, resulting in a charred, inedible dozen cookies. You're welcome.

Just like an eight-year-old, I should not be allowed to turn on the oven when Barnaby isn't home. I'm forgetful and dangerous.

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  1. GREAT tip! PB cookies are my favorites. Yes, it's been a number of years since I was able to boil eggs without setting a timer. Can't tell you how many times I blew up burnt-to-a-crisp eggs, smelled up the kitchen something awful, and ruined a perfectly good pan.


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