Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pizza & Taxes

We made these pizzas for supper tonight. They're made on rosemary flavored tortillas, and they were really good. They have Ragu pizza sauce, green olives, green pepper, zuchini, yellow squash, feta, spinach, and mozerella. Barnaby also had sliced roast beef and bacon on his.

I forced Barnaby to work on our tax paperwork yesterday. Now we're just waiting on Chase to send us our 1098 and we'll be ready to turn it in to our tax lady, Patti. Patti has been doing our taxes for the last three years, and she's wonderful. It's well worth the money we pay her to do it and get us a bunch of deductions we otherwise wouldn't, especially with my business.

Wow. Pizza and taxes. I'm officially boring.

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