Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Expect The Unexpected

Good God, Gert, will the workmen just get outta my house already? And stay out?

The guy from DirecTV was here last night for three freakin' hours. That's AFTER the painters were here most of the day finishing up the tea staining. The DirecTV guy, Keary Magee, was drilling up in the attic FOREVER. (With a 6-foot drill that cost $60, which he dropped and lost down in the wall, and couldn't reach it, and he had to go get another one, and tomorrow is his day off, and and and ...) I know his name and all those other details because he was also a Chatty Freakin' Cathy. You learn alot about people who stay in your house for hours on end. After he left (at 8:00 at night!) he still had to go to some other poor soul's house. He left a mess of insulation, wire clippings, and sheetrock dust all over the place because "his Dust Buster's batteries were dead." Yeah, right. Whatever.

While we were cleaning up, I found his Visa credit card and some gum laying on the floor. I spent another hour trying to get a hold of someone at Visa to call him and tell him we had it. I sure hope I never lose my card. I got the runaround and got transferred to 40 different people and finally cut off. Barnaby put his detecting skills to work on the Internet and found the guy's cell phone number in 5 minutes. He came and picked it up around 10:00 last night when he was finished with his last job. He didn't even ask how we knew his cell phone number.

Now I'm sitting here in my office and I hear an electronic beep in the wall about every 20 minutes where he was drilling and dropping lines. What in the world could THAT be? Maybe he secretly installed a video and microphone and he's spying on us! Maybe he was with the FBI!

What? Me? Paranoid?

Last night I thought he planted that Visa card there on purpose so he could come back and knock on our door late at night and we'd let him in and he'd rob us and shoot us and leave us for dead! I watch too much news. Nobody will ever take ME by surprise though. Unless they do something nice. That would be totally unexpected.

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  1. Maybe he's an alien from another planet and that electronic beep is his call "home".


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