Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Um, No

That's not dirt. I tried to wash it off, but it's permanently discolored.

Here's something new: My dog, Phoebe, is licking her foot incessantly. It's driving me bonkers. There's nothing wrong with it, she's just licking for whatever reason. Apparently this is common in dogs. This is what I read on the innernets:


This type of foot-chewing may be compared to nail-biting in people. We chew our nails when we are bored or worried, out of habit, or even as an obsessive/compulsive behavior. Often, we find similar motivations in these foot-chewing dogs. Frequently, there has been a change at home such as:

*Lengthy confinement
*Addition of a new pet or human house-guest to the family
*Death or loss of a companion pet
*Loss of owner or absence of a family member
*Moving to a new home

(None of those are true for her except maybe boredom.)

For many dogs, treating the skin lesion is not enough; the dog must be palliated psychologically as well. Extra attention to the pet on a reliable basis may be all that is needed; however, some dogs actually require psychoactive drugs.

AMITRIPTYLINE - helpful in only 30% of dogs but considerably cheaper than the others. It takes 4 weeks on medication to determine if there will be an effect. If the medication is found helpful, the pet continues on it.

Approx. cost for 1 month of treatment for a 75 lb dog = $15.00

PROZAC - helpful for 50% of dogs that lick. The medication is given for 4 weeks. If no response is seen, the dose is doubled for another 4 weeks. Medication is discontinued if a good response is seen.

Approx. cost for 1 month of treatment for a 75 lb dog = $135.00

NALTREXONE - helpful in 50-60% of cases. The pet takes the medication for only one month. If licking stops, it usually is stopped for weeks to months. Should licking resume, another course of medication may be instituted.

Approx. cost for 1 month of treatment for a 50 lb dog = $210.00

Um, no. My dog is not taking Prozac or anything like it. She already takes meds for her arthritis. I'm going to wrap it with an Ace bandage and see what happens. She hasn't licked it raw yet, but she will soon. Right now it's just dark and discolored where she licks it all the time. Oh, and I'm bat-shit crazy listening to that incessant licking! Lick, lick, lick, lick. Gah! Stop it before I chop your leg off!!!! I'm the one who needs Prozac. Again, um, no.

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  1. Gee.... do you think having that puppy in your house could have triggered something? Go to the pet supply place and get some of that bitter apple stuff that you can put on her. It's supposed to taste bad so they won't lick. Also, you can go to Walmart and get some of that stuff for hot spots... maybe that would work.


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