Thursday, December 28, 2006

Struck a Deal

The contractor called last night and made another offer that we accepted. They're here today for about four hours, they'll be here tomorrow all day, and then they'll finish up on Tuesday. I don't think I'll have anything else done for awhile. All that's left to do is new carpet for the bedrooms and new countertops in the kitchen. Those things will have to wait awhile. I want to get our taxes done and see where we stand before spending anymore money.

One of my resolutions for next year is to cut down on spending. I kinda went nuts this year. Not beyond our means, mind you, but still a lot more than I normally spend. Internet shopping is way too fun and easy. I think that's where I got off track. I'm going to set myself a monthly "allowance" starting January 1. Now I just have to figure out how much that's going to be.

Another resolution is to not have any sugar for the month of January. It would be ridiculous to try and not have any for a whole year, but I think I can handle 31 days. After that, I'll see how I feel and how much weight comes off just from that, and make a decision on what to do next. I know I can do it because I did it a few years ago when Barnaby and I both went on Marilu Henner's program. We went cold turkey on sugar, dairy, and meat other than fish, and did great on that for months and both lost weight. I'm not so much trying to lose weight as trying to get healthier by eating better.

Gotta go. Later.

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  1. As far as the weightloss goes, try that SESAMIN and CLA. I buy mine online at The Drugstore. What kind of countertops are you planning to get in the kitchen? Here's my critique: Granite is waaaaaaaay expensive and you are supposed to use special cleaner on it. Some of my customers do, some don't. You can get laminate that looks like granite alot cheaper and you can use Windex on it or whatever (supposedly, you aren't supposed to use Windex on granite). Ceramic tile is a pain because of the grout. Stuff gets stuck in it and it stains and then you are scrubbing it to keep it clean. Marble....again, very expensive and need special care and cleaners. Corian is real nice but it isn't at all shiney. It is easy to care for. My pick would be the laminate. The reason is: styles come and go, it is easy to care for, inexpensive compared to the other options. That's my 2-cents.


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