Friday, December 22, 2006

More Progress

Here are the pictures of everything with just the base coat. Today they will be putting a faux finish (tea stain) on all the walls. Go look HERE for an example of tea stained walls. You may have to try and open that page twice. For some reason, it never opens the first time for me.

The color in the kitchen and breakfast room is exactly the same as what's in our living room. I had no idea it was that much the same. It should look much darker with the tea stain.

I really like this gold color in the bedroom. They are painting the entire room that color, and only tea-staining the wall behind the bed. Hopefully, they will be finished today. He told me yesterday that he thought they would be done by the end of the day today. I have things I need to do. Not to mention the fact that I'm just sick of them being here.
It's stressful having people in your house all day. Things are in disarray, and I have to actually be fully-dressed all day -- bra and everything! I hate that. I never wear shoes or a bra unless someone is coming over. I usually have one some kind of lounge pants too. Heh, that sounded dumb..."lounge pants." What I mean is pajama pants or sweats or something like that. I can't truly relax with real clothes on.
I want to bake a couple of things for Christmas Eve. We're having appetizers and desserts over at my sister's house with the whole family, except my sister in San Diego who isn't here for Christmas this year :(.
More later.

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  1. WOW! I really like the color and the tea staining looks like something I'd like to do in my bedroom. In fact, I was thinking of doing my bedroom in that very same gold color but I haven't made up my mind yet.


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