Sunday, December 24, 2006

End Results

Ignore Devil Dog in the Lower Right

We're very pleased with the results. It did not come off without a hitch, however.
I was just telling Barnaby Wednesday night that it looked like we were going to have no problems for the first time when dealing with a contractor. I should have known. On Thursday, I noticed that they hadn't painted the other half of the front room (which is actually a separate room, but we use them both as one. There's barely a divider there. You can see it in the pictures if you look real hard. Except you don't have to look real hard now because the paint suddenly stops and half the room is stark white. I ask you...WHY WOULD ANYONE LEAVE ONE ROOM WHITE WHEN THE REST OF THE HOUSE IS A BROWN SHADE??? Answer: THEY WOULDN'T.
I won't go into the whole story, but suffice it to say, I had a wall-eyed fit after hearing that the contractor wanted to charge me $1490 to do that one room! I'm ticked off, but I will paint that room PURPLE myself before I pay him that much money to do one tiny room. It has screwed up the whole flow of the house, but whatever. We'll figure something out.
I'm in a hurry now to get ready for the Christmas get-together with family. I need a shower in the worst way, and make-up, and nails, and ...

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