Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Alive and Well

My, my, time has gotten away from me and I haven't updated in a few days. Sorry about that. I wish I could tell you've I've been doing fun and exciting things, but no. I made some Christmas cookies on Saturday and decorated them. It was the first time I'd ever done that in my life...AND PROBABLY THE LAST. It took forever and made a huge mess. The cookies weren't very pretty either. I have trouble drawing a stick figure, so I should have known how it would turn out. I really wanted to take a picture of them, but I let my son take my digital camera to a wedding he went to that night.

He asked me to babysit his puppy, Mick, while they were gone. We kept him from about 3:30 until 12:30. I just don't know how we're going to do it when we get another dog some day. Puppies have so much energy! It was crazy around here with our three dogs, the cat, and Mick. I remember when our dogs were little thinking that I'd never get to sleep for a few hours straight ever again. They just take up so much time and attention, and you have to watch them every second or they'll chew on something, or shit, or piss, or vomit. I was worn out by the time he left. It made me really appreciate my dogs though.

I have a list here of things I need to do today, like doing Christmas cards for a few clients, wrap presents, go to the post office and mail some, groceries, bank, laundry, and the list goes on. Guess I better get to it.

I don't wanna. I have to. Bye.

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