Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Run For Your Lives!

She's telling you how clean and fresh she is. Yes, I bathed her AND went to the grocery store. The other two are hiding for fear they are next.
I felt like I had to go to the store because we have a Blue Norther comin' in tonight: thunderstorms, freezing precipitation, snow, sleet, ice, bowling balls, cats & dogs, (don't step in a poodle) etc. You'd think the world was coming to an end with all the drama on the news. Every 15 minutes they break into TV programming with this dramatic, Phantom of the Opera, we're-all-going-to-die music, and give the weather report. This is what we've been hearing all day:
"It's freezing in Wichita Falls! The temperature dropped 30 degrees in five seconds! Now it's really cold and raining west of us! You Fort Worth people batten down the hatches, locate your children, and seal yourselves in your houses! Stock up on groceries, batteries, bottles of water, and first aid kits! No, it's not a terrorist attack. It's going to snow! Maybe."
People just plain panic around here when they think it might snow. Then they get in their cars and drive like maniacs and wonder why they are sitting in a ditch with their hair and a tooth stuck in the windshield. If I can thaw myself out and chip myself out of the ice that is going to take over the earth tonight, I'll talk at ya tomorrow.

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  1. Ha! Our news people do that too, especially about the weather since there isn't any weather here usually. Last night, the breaking news was it's supposed to freeze in the East county (that's us) for the next 4 nights!! Cover your plants! Bring in your pets! Check your heaters for safty! Dress warm! Eat soup! If you can see your breath, you're doomed!


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