Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Windows

It's me again. I'm still screwing off and haven't done any work. The things I do for you people! Here are a view pictures for ya.
"Parlor" window with new lace curtains. My mom hemmed them and put a pocket in the bottom so I could insert them into the window on the top and bottom with tension rods. The flowery curtains on the sides are coming down. I just haven't taken the time to get a giant ladder in here to remove them. I hated those curtains from the day we moved in here. Barnaby is installing shades behind these curtains so you can't see in at night.

This is the 48 x 48 window in my kitchen. I'm still not completely happy with it. That's the third window treatment I've put up in the last month. I think it's the wallpaper that's bugging me. That's coming down eventually, and I'm going to paint some kind of faux texture in a brown shade. That curtain is hung too high right now because Barnaby installed the rod to suit the first curtains I put in there. He's going to move it down even with the shade behind it. I had a lace balloon shade behind the swags, but it just didn't look right.
That's all of the curtain pictures for now. Are you sick of windows yet? Shut up or I'll start blathering on about Philosophy products again.
My dad came by a couple of days ago and gave me this stuffed dog. Wasn't that sweet?!! I keep him on my desk so I can see him all day while I'm working. He's about a foot tall. I need to think of a name for him. Maybe I'll call him Harry.
Tomorrow I'll post a picture of Barnaby's new tattoo. It's really neat. Hint: He loves monkeys. What?! Did I give it away?


  1. oKAY.... There are too many things going on at that kitchen window..... too many textures and patterns. There are a couple of options. #1, go with a totally plain white shade (not off white)and white lace topper (not off white). #2. Get rid of the wallpaper and paint the kitchen walls either white or off white, depending on what your preference is. The white background on your wallpaper prettymuch dictates whether you should use white or off white because there is soooooooo much wall space.

  2. The sittingroom/diningroom windows look good with the lace inserts and I think the shade behind them is a great idea for privacy, just make sure you get shades in the same color as the curtain if you can. I always kind of liked those drapes but I know that's not your style. Maybe you can sell them on e-bay.
    They're in great shape.


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