Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Granny's Fresh Banana Cake

Fresh Banana Cake

Why don't I just call this a food blog and get it over with? I post more food pictures and recipes. I didn't mean for things to be this way, but whatevah. You get what you get.

This is my first attempt at making my Granny's famous banana cake. At first I didn't think I got the icing right, but it's starting to firm up and crystalize like it's supposed to. We'll see when I have a piece later this evening.

If I get really ambitious, I may enter this cake in the Texas State Fair next year. I always forget that you have to do that sometime in the summer, even though the fair isn't until September. Please stand by whilst I go look on their website for the date I have to do that and put it in my calendar. If I don't do it now, I'll forget.

Okay, I'm back. I have to check back in June for the information. I've got it on my calendar now so I won't forget. I printed out last year's rules and info just so I'd have an idea what to expect. The rules can't change that much from year to year.

What else is going on? Hmmm. Well, I've had two contractors come and bid on the painting job. Actually, I have one bid, and the other guy is coming back in the morning with his. I thought that faux painting jobs would be really expensive, but it's not too bad. It's definitely worth it to not have to buy all the stuff and break my back. Looks like it will be done before Christmas, whoever I go with.

I haven't had any work since the Monday before Thanksgiving. I'm loving it and luxuriating in all this free time. Then I have moments where I get paranoid and freak out thinking I've pissed all my regular people off and they all hate me, and that's why they're not calling. I get over those moments pretty quickly though. Being paranoid is hard work.

I think I'm going to go now and give Phoebe a bath. If I have any energy left when I'm done, I'll do one of the other dogs too. I've already baked a cake, had a meeting with a contractor, cleaned out my refrigerator AND my closet, and it's only 2:45! There's no sense in getting all crazy. Maybe I'll just go lay down.

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  1. oh my my mom use to make those and my cousin has not been able to find a recipe I am going to grab this one yum , and me on a diet, dang. I am having fun looking at all your neat stuff here. Tink


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