Thursday, November 30, 2006

Breaking News

Well, guess what? It didn't snow or ice or sleet or anything! Okay, it did thunderstorm and rain, but no freezing stuff. Arctic Blast, my ass. That's what they were calling it, Arctic Blast, with the dramatic music, special graphics and all. I'm probably going to get killed by a giant snowball or something some day because they cried wolf again and I didn't listen. Heh, death by snowball. At least it would make a good news story...

"Friends and family told Fox News they don't know why she didn't listen to all the warnings. We found her lifeless body outside under a giant snowball, dressed in shorts, a halter top, and flip-flops."

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  1. You sound almost disappointed! That big winter storm didn't pan out for us either. Still no snow on the grounf in these parts. Cold we got. Snow? Not so much. My snow blower is feeling unappreciated.


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