Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Book & A Product Review

Amy's book is out. It's a great book and very fun to read. I haven't finished reading mine yet. It's a big book that's packed full of stories, recipes, and fun stuff. Amy is crazy. Don't buy it at a bookstore though. I went to buy it at a bookstore and it was selling for $27.99. It's at Target for $19. I'm sure it's at Walmart and other places like that too for less than publisher's price.

Here's a little exerpt for you from the section about entertaining the grieving:

"We were in the bathtub and I felt a cyst on his good testicle. I insisted on taking him to the hospital even though he protested saying it was nothing. After a thorough exam, it turned out he was right. It was nothing. On the way home he was murdered. I'm not allowed to talk about the case, but I can say this: had I not forced him to go to the hospital, he'd still be alive today."

Great Stuff:
Jergens New Shea Butter Lotion & Cream
I got free samples of this stuff in the mail. They got me. I liked it so much I had to go buy some. The cream is great for your feet. We've got to stay soft ALL OVER, girls.

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