Thursday, October 19, 2006

Self-Absorbed Much?

Do you know what this is?

This is proof that I've taken vanity to a new ridiculous level. These are padded panties. They are supposed to make us white girls with flat asses look like we have perfect round sexy bottoms. Um, yeah. It doesn't work. I may take a picture of my ass with these on underneath my jeans later and let you see how ridiculous it looks, but for now all you get is this picture. I swear, it looks exactly like what it is when it's on. It looks like I have a big ass AND glued two oval pads on my ass. The pads are too high and too big, and you can see the shape of them through my jeans. Who designed these anyway, and what were they thinking? They need to be smaller and run along the very bottom of your butt. And the pads need to gradually slope to the edges, not abruptly just end. Can you believe I bought these? How stupid. God forbid I do some squats. Maybe if I tried putting on a body shaper over them it would squish the pads down enough to look right? Gah! I wish I hadn't started this entry now.

We're having the coolest day so far this fall, and it's all cloudy and gray outside. It's 50 degrees right now and supposed to only get up to 62 later. Love it. I may even force my flat ass outside for a walk. It could happen.

I've got nothing. Later.

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  1. CRIKEY! and look at that butt-crack! Oh well.... maybe you can wear them at Halloween. You could be the hump-butt of Norte Dame.


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