Sunday, October 29, 2006

Have a Seat in the Parlor

Bamboo Shades & Curtains
Curtain Texture

The shades and curtains turned out great in my office. I really like the texture of these curtains. I wish they came in more colors than this gold, dark brown, or white. I took the ones down in the kitchen because they just looked like crap. The curtains are exactly like these, except they're a dark brown "spice" color. I think I'm going to have to just go with a scarf on that big kitchen window and special order the shades. Nobody makes curtains or shades for a 48" x 48" window, and I have two of them in my house.

I'm also going to get busy and do some more painting inside too. I need to do the kitchen, guest bedroom, and the front dining and sitting rooms which are really just one big room. I like to call the front sitting room "the parlor" because I sound like a big dork and it makes me laugh. Everybody used to call a room like that "the parlor" back in the day, and they weren't dorks for doing so. It makes me want to wear a velvet smoking jacket, have a glass of fine brandy or cognac, and hold a lighted cigarette in a holder a foot long. Nobody does that anymore either. What a bunch of bores we've become. When I was looking for a picture of a cigarette holder, I got caught up looking at all the cool ones that are out there. Some are beautiful and others just look like crappy crack pipes. Some of the prettier ones are below. I especially like the ones made out of jade. Cigarette holders would be a neat thing to collect, don't you think? You could keep them in a lighted display case in the parlor.

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