Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dark & Rainy

This is just sad. Why would any designer want a model like this wearing his clothes?

“FRENCH fashion house Guy Laroche called it their ready-to-wear collection. But this super-skinny mannequin looks ready to SCARE.

Clearly showing her ribcage as she modeled a loose-fitting white satin backless dress, fashionistas gasped as the unnamed girl strutted down the catwalk in Paris yesterday. Every vertebra in her spine was visible and six-inch heels with black leggings heightening the unattractive look. The weight of her chunky pendant and necklace looked too almost much for her. One onlooker said: 'The heaviest things about her were the bags under her eyes.'

Rag trade bosses in Madrid have banned the skinniest girls after a model that ate only greens for three months died of a heart attack.”

We are having my favorite kind of day today…dark and rainy. I love having to turn lamps on during the day. I just love the atmosphere it creates for me. I feel so homey and safe and warm and fuzzy. It makes me want to bake something. We need this consistent rain too.

Barnaby and I just planted the side garden yesterday evening anticipating the rain. We ended up just planting the two Japanese Sky Pencil and Mexican Bush Sage there, and we put the Barberry out front on either side of the sidewalk. I’m going to try my hand at rooting some crepe myrtle cuttings. If they take, I’m going to plant those in the side yard along the length of the house.

I know I've said this before, but I’m totally obsessed with Philosophy products. I’ve been to Sephora twice in the past week buying more. I also got the Bare Minerals make-up I’ve been dying to try. I signed up for a Sephora preferred customer membership (free) and they went ahead and gave me my birthday gift since it’s coming up the 2nd of November. I was so happy when I looked in my bag after I got home to see it was a full-size Philosophy vanilla shampoo & bubble bath. The membership also gets you free sample size products every time you come in. There are four or five different samples to choose from and they change each month. I got some Smashbox luminescent face moisturizer this time. I’m glad the mall is not a convenient location for us. I’d go broke in that store.

Talk at y’all later.

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  1. Geez... that model looks like she's about to drop dead any minute. That is just sad. And I agree... what designer would want a model looking like that in their designs?!! Rainy days are great for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! Guess it's a childhood thing.


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