Saturday, September 09, 2006

There Is No Title

Front (Duh)

Side Yard In Front

Kinda Sorta What I Want on the Side

We have another landscaper, hopefully not a nightmare-inducing serial killer this time, coming next Tuesday evening to give us an estimate on the front and side yard. As I was trying to explain before I was so rudely interrupted the other day, we want the holly hedges in front trimmed down at least a foot in height, the first two on either side of the front door removed (I think that will open it up alot. That front porch and door looks like a black hole), the Indian Hawthorne's removed (small bushes in front of the hedges), and natural stone edging about a foot high around those front beds.

I'd like to do something with that side yard too. I want the same stone edging around landscaping of some kind in front of that fence, a smaller one under that window, and something to hide that ugly air conditioner like lattice or something.

You can see how our poor yard is brown except near the house where we've been running a soaker hose around the foundation all summer. With the water restrictions the way they are and as hot as it's been, everybody's grass looks like that. Its just not enough to water once a week when it's 100+ degrees for weeks. That is, unless they are cheating and watering when they're not supposed to. There are a few cheaters on every street, and it's so obvious. I think that should be enough for a fine. Your grass is green means you are cheating = big-ass fine.

We are going to a family reunion of sorts in a couple of weeks. It will be held outside at a park. I have to bring enough food to feed whoever comes with us, then everyone will put out what they brought and we’ll share everything potluck style. I’m not sure what to take. I’ll have to do some surfing around the recipe sites and my own recipes to see what I can find. It can’t be anything that will spoil in the heat. I’m thinking maybe a giant pasta salad with a vinegar/Italian dressing based dressing for one dish. A dessert won’t be too hard to come up with. It’s the main dish I’m going to have to think on. Maybe I can throw some chunks of salami and provolone in the pasta salad and call it a main dish.

My mom just called. She's 70, and I'm having a hard time picturing this, but she said she's been going to a line dancing class. What??! My mother? That just seems so out of character for her. I'm really glad she's getting out and doing it enjoying it. She's also taking a yoga class and really likes that too. You go, Momma!

I made some really crappy oatmeal cookies this week. You don't get the recipe because it sucks. I did make the ambrosia again, and if you haven't tried it yet, do it. Don't use light Cool Whip though. It really changes the consistency for the worse. The full-fat stuff, when mixed with the sour cream, makes a marshmellow cream-like base for the fruit. The light stuff just did not work and it was all runny and yuck.

My two sons have their birthdays this week. They're 24 and 26. Gah, I'm old! Happy Birthdays, my sweet baby boys.

I better go make myself presentable and do my hair and make-up. Not sure what we're going to do today yet, but every time I try to sneak a quick trip out to the store without make-up, you can bet I'll see somebody I know. There is the race tonight. Saturday night racing is the best. Can't wait. Go Jeff! Speaking of Jeff, I saw his picture on a bottle of men's cologne at Target. It was just weird. I also saw his and Dale Jr's picture on a box of Tylenol. That was even more weird. Are there really people out there that will see their picture on Tylenol and buy it just because of that? I guess there are or they wouldn't pay them lord-knows-how-much for the right to do it. Nobody loves NASCAR more than me, but pa-leeze.

Be thankful for what you've got and don't sweat the small stuff for a couple of days, okay? I hope you all have a great weekend.

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