Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Happenings

About those sister told me to pour bleach down my drains and let it sit for awhile before rinsing. I did that this morning. We'll see how it works. She said they might be coming from any live plants I have in the house too. I only have one tropical ZeeZee plant in my dining room and a few stems of ivy in some water in the kitchen. I don't see any gnats around those. I already killed one this morning that was buzzing around my head and made the fatal mistake of landing on my arm. They didn't land yesterday. They just kept buzzing around my face while I was trying to type. I'd finally get all hacked off and grab a magazine and start swinging it wildly and randomly in the air. The dogs got scared and went and hid. Momma's crazy! Run for your life!

I made some chocolate malted cookies this morning for a get-together I'm going to tonight. Yeah, I know. I'm not freaked out about it yet. I think I've met all but three people that will be there. I have a blasting caffeine headache at the moment. I've been really tight this morning and can't even drink my coffee. I must be retaining water. I've been able to eat pretty much anything I've tried since the fill and haven't had any problems as long as I'm careful. That's why I think I must be retaining water today. I get tight when that happens. Maybe I need an extra water pill today before I go to that party all bloated.

I'm going to go outside and sneak a picture of what the landscapers have done so far today. Please stand by...

Here they are:

Those crepe myrtles on either side need to be seriously pruned.It sure is going to look naked when they cut those hedges down 1 1/2 feet. They just way too high now though. They'll be bald for awhile, but they'll grow in. I liked the way the edging is looking. That mortar will lighten up when it dries and match the mortar on the house. I want to put something colorful on either side of the sidewalk in the beds, but it can't be anything too big. I think I'll surf around the Internet and see what I can find. Maybe I can play with the Microsoft Paint program and see if I can paste some pictures of different ones in the picture. Kind of a virtual garden, if you will. That might be fun.

Dang, my head hurts. I'm gonna take a BC Powder and lay down.


  1. Be sure and check under your trash can liners!

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Your problem is poor hygeine. You should clean your house more also. The last time I was over there I saw a coach roach eating the collar of your shirt off


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