Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Red Door Survey

I'm not dead. In fact, they were very nice, apologized, and everything went great. I got a three-month extension on free fills that would have expired at the end of next month. I also got what I consider to be a HUGE fill. She found that I already had .99cc in there, put that back in plus .7cc more. So that's a total of 1.6cc for you mathmatically challenged people. I now have an opening to my stomach the size of a drinking straw. Not too many Moon Pies are gonna fit down that hole. The most that's ever been in there up to this point is -- oh, wait. They don't know how much I've ever had in there at once because, did I mention they screwed up? Her ass is fired, and I'm glad. I've also gained a little over 7 pounds, according to their scales, since the last time I was there Aug 7th. Yeah. I told you I have been Miss Piggy with the sugar.

Okay, enough about me...What do you think about me? Ha ha ha ha ha. (An oldie but goodie.)

About that picture. The landscaper guy came today and set the base for the new brick mailbox and took out those two front bushes. It looks better already, if you ask me. I fake painted the door red using the Microsoft Paint program. Shut up. I am not artistic at all and can't draw worth a flip. That part of my brain does not work. If you took an x-ray of that side of my brain, there would be a lonely fly in there buzzing around in an empty space. Anywho, how do you think that red color is going to look on the door? Is that the right shade of red? Should it be more of a burgandy? I don't have a clue. Please leave a comment with any suggestions. I eventually want to get a glass door with screen in the upper part for the exterior so we can leave that interior door open when the weather is right.

I'm hungry. I'm going to go blend up some Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup for my supper. I have to be on liquids or soft food until tomorrow. I love that soup. It's my favorite Campbell's soup flavor. It tastes better blended up with some Frank's Red Hot in it anyway. I wonder if a Moon Pie would be good that way? Hmmm...


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Finally, your computer is stupid.
    Find red. Burgandy will make it look like your brick. I vote no on that color. Go with red! its just paint. BP

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Yes, I think BP is very smart and funny and good looking. You should always listen to that person. Whoever he/she is.

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I agree with the person above. BP is smart. How did you get so lucky to have someone like that in your life. Your so f-ing lucky
    Condelisa Rice.

  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    We all agree that you've got someone who knows his/her shit. Always listen to "BP" If we could only have someone like that in our life. The Moran Tabernacle Choir

  5. I think that "computer red" is too orangy..... needs to be a cooler red and deeper... more like a burgundy. I suggest you go to the paint store and get some of those paper paint color sample thingys and bring them home and check them up against your brick in the light of day. If you aren't sure what is a warm red or a cool red, don't worry about it, just pick all the reds and bring them home. I promise, it won't be a wasted trip to the paint store. You and Barnaby will be able to pick a red you'll both like.


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