Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nothing in Particular

My favorite race of the year was last night. Jeff didn't win, but this picture is cool so I used it.

Warning: Recipe ramble. If you're not interested, skip the next paragraph.

I spent a lot of yesterday searching for a recipe. Somebody brought my mom and dad a potato dish that was wonderful. I'm not sure if it was au gratin or scalloped. The potatoes were shredded, and if there was cheese in it, it wasn't cheddar. There was definitely sour cream in it though, and the potatoes were real, not frozen hashbrowns. And there was no soup in it either. Try as I might, I could not find a recipe that sounded right. There are a million out there with frozen hashbrowns and soup and cheese, etc. I found a couple of recipes that were close and kind of made up my own recipe with parts of those this morning. It's in the oven now. All of the recipes I found that called for shredded potatoes had you boil the potatoes whole with the skin on, refrigerate until completely cold and then shred them. I boiled the potatoes yesterday and refrigerated them overnight. I added shredded Swiss cheese, Half & Half, sour cream, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. I probably should have added butter too, but I didn't. We'll see how they turn out. Man, those potatoes were good! I think I went on and on about it at the table. Everyone was probably thinking, "Okay, okay, they're good. Shut up already about the damn potatoes!" Now here I am going on and on again.

End of Recipe Ramble.

Please stand by while I go check the lottery numbers and see if I'm rich....

Nope, not one number. One of these days though.

I just saw on the Fox News Page that they released those kidnapped Fox journalists in Gaza. I saw the video they released a few days ago with them sitting there saying what they were told. Then a couple of days later I saw one that the father of one of them made asking them to let them go, and another one of the wife of one of them doing the same thing. I'm really surprised they let them go and extremely happy for them. Those poor guys were terrified that they were going to be killed. I stupidly watched a video on the Internet of an American being beheaded over there a couple of years ago. It was horrible. I wish I hadn't watched it. What is that morbid curiousity that makes us want to watch something like that? It bothered me for weeks. I just have to push it out of my mind every time I start to think about it. I can't imagine how it would feel to see something like that of your own child or family member. Anyway, I'm happy they let those guys go.

I want to lose 10 pounds. I've been on a plateau for the last four months and stayed the same weight, up or down 2-3 pounds, because of water weight. Ten pound would be easy to lose if I could just buckle down and get serious for a month or two. I'm blaming it on the weather that I don't get out and walk. I almost always walk when it gets cooler. I just can't get out there while it's 104 every day. Even in the early mornings it's high 80s or 90s and humid. Excuses, excuses. I have no excuse for not getting on that treadmill in my 75-degree, air conditioned house. Somebody kick me in the ass. Somebody motivate me. Anybody?

Well, we're off to Wally Mart or Lowes to buy a new showerhead for my dad. He broke the one that Barnaby installed Friday. It was an old one that my grandparents had in their house, and I guess it was brittle and just broke in a million pieces.


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