Friday, August 11, 2006

My Eyeballs Hurt

I had an eye exam today for contacts and my eyes are still messed up. She put some drops in my eyes to numb them so she could check the pressure for glaucoma and something else. The exam itself was no big deal and didn’t hurt, but after I left the office with my new contacts in, in about an hour my eyes were killing me. It felt like I had grit in my eyes. She said it would be uncomfortable the rest of today so I guess it’s nothing to be concerned about. I took the contacts out and have been putting drops in my eyes every little bit. I go back in a week to tell her how these are working out, and if everything is going well, I’ll get my 6-month supply.

I’ve had contacts before but hardly ever wore them because I couldn’t get comfortable. After about four hours, they start bugging me. I’ve broken every last pair of glasses I own, which is what got me to the doctor to start with, so I have no choice now. I have to wear the contacts or be blind. She wrote me a prescription for glasses, but our insurance sucks and it was going to be $498 for them. Barnaby just paid $350 for his. That’s WITH insurance. The exam cost me $159 today, and the insurance will pick up the cost of 6 months worth of contacts. I’ll be paying about $110 for contact the other six months. It’s still better than the cost of glasses.

Wal-Mart has frames for glasses that start at $36. I may go get some of my old lenses put in a pair of cheap frames just so I’ll have glasses if I want them.

I’m sitting here at 8:40 p.m. drinking a huge glass of iced coffee. Yeah, I won’t be sleeping very well tonight. I wanted coffee though, and nothing else would do. I’m also making granola as I type this. I mixed it up, and have to bake it for an hour and 15 minutes, stirring it every 15 minutes. I love granola, and this is supposed to be the greatest recipe ever. I changed it up a little, substituting dates for the raisins, and using pecans along with the slivered almonds and cashews. It has coconut, maple syrup and brown sugar in it too. Yum.

It was 104 degrees yesterday and today. Help me. I’m afraid to watch that Al Gore movie about global warming. It’s supposed to be a very interesting and entertaining movie, and I’m pretty sure he’s right about the global warming stuff. I don’t like Al Gore (the self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet – riiiiight) from what I’ve seen of him. What a dork. Some people just can’t be cool no matter how hard they try. At least I can fake it. He just looks goofier when he tries to fake it. How did he and Bill Clinton hook up anyway? Now Clinton is cool. He’s a big ol’ cheater and a giant man-whore, but he’s cool. He’s hip. Okay, now I’m starting to sound like George Carlin – another cool guy, by the way.

Other people I consider cool: Dennis Miller (the coolest of the cool), Dennis Leary, John Bon Jovi, Bill Maher (an ass but still cool. I don’t have to like you to still consider you cool. You don’t have to be good-looking either.), Shepard Smith, Anderson Cooper…I can’t think of any women. Are there any cool women? Maybe you don’t refer to women as cool. I don’t know what the word would be though. I’ll have to think about this and get back to you. Note to self…

If you can think of a “cool” woman, leave her name in my comments. Or if you can think of what you call women instead of cool, leave that too. It’s not hip; you can be hip and not cool. Coolness is kind of an essence or something, a feeling you give off. It’s the way you carry yourself and speak. Ya know what I mean?

Man, that granola smells heavenly. My whole house smells like warm oatmeal cookies. Fifteen more minutes, two more stirs, and it’s done.

Let’s see…what else? Oh, I saw an SUV at the grocery store today with “Fit with Freda, Personal Trainer, 555-555-5555” on the back window. I wrote the name and number down. I’m going to call and see how much she charges. I’d love to have someone come help me get started lifting weights and doing cardio. Maybe two or three times a week for a month? That should get me started and motivated.

I’ve been watching two new shows that are on. They’re reality shows, kind of. One is called “The Gym” on FIT TV, and the other is “Workout” on Bravo. They’re both set in a gym with personal trainers, and they’ve kind of gotten me motivated to start something.

Okay, the granola is almost done. I need to go get in my happy place with L.B. and read some magazines. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    My friend Pam is cool! So is Kathy Griffin. You wrote so much. I, too am losing my vision a little and I had no idea glasses cost that much or the exam. I thought it would be a 25 dollar visit? I HATE the weather. I swear I'm moving someday, at least from July to Oct. Did I tell you I saw Bill Maher in Austin? His face is so old and wrinkled, It freaked me out
    Ok, gonna go now and do nothing.
    Boon Paps

  2. MADONNA is cool. She's been smart with her money so she's incredibly wealthy and independent. She does what she wants even if it turns out to be a mistake and if it is a mistake, she just goes on to something new and doesn't get all soupy apologizing for her mistakes. She knows when to quit. I do not own any of her music but I think she is cool.

  3. This is Fit With Freda. This is sooo cool!! I just happen to come across your blog. I know it was over a year ago, but I don't think I've ever been part of anyones blog...Glad to know that you were motivated by the sign on my SUV. I hope you are working out and achieving your fitness goals. Check out my website:


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