Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today is Barnaby's birthday. We're leaving in the morning to go play in a poker tournament in Oklahoma at Winstar Casino. We have a babysitter for the doggies (thanks, Momma), so we'll be gone all day. Wish us luck. Rots of ruck.

It's Kitty's birthday too. She's 15! Happy birthday, old girl. She's really been a good cat, and she's never been sick. I hope she's around for a few more years.

My mom made Barnaby's favorite dessert: chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and bananas in the middle. Weirdo. Mom & Dad and Brenda, Jim & Matt came over after supper for cake and ice cream. Everybody left around 8:00.

After that, I made a recipe I found on the Internet for Chili's salsa. It turned out good, but it's supposed to chill for a few hours so I guess I won't know until tomorrow night if it tastes just like Chili's or not. It was good tonight though, and easy.

I'll be back Thursday with an entry. Be good kids.

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