Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gag, Spit, Vomit

Before I vomited in a bag
(There is no after.)

Wow, did y'all see that? God left me a comment.

I kind of have a disgusted look on my face in that picture. I wonder what I was thinking? Probably, "It's so freakin' hot in here...I wish that air conditioner would hurry up and work...I like gum...I wonder if the zit on my chin will show up in this picture...I should have peed before I left...Tom Cruise is crazy..."
I got up a little earlier than normal this morning. My BIL came over and left their mini parrot for me to babysit while they're on an Alaskan cruise. I like keeping him. His name is Kiwi. He's in there chirping away right now. I hope I can manage to keep him from being eaten by my dogs & cat one more time.

I did a little work I had to finish and then took myself to Linens & Things to look around. I looked at everything in that store. There was a guy working in there that I wanted to bitch slap. He asked me no less than SIX times if I needed any help. Good God GO AWAY, Geeky Retail Guy! I swear I nearly yelled that the last time he asked me. I ended up buying two stackable, mesh drying racks for sweaters or whatever, a pie crust cover to keep your pie crust from getting too brown, three bathroom rugs (clearance, $3.99, score!), two bath sheets (also clearance, $6.99 & $4.99), and a 2-pack of plastic, bendable cutting board sheets.
Then I went through Wendy's drive-through and got a vanilla frosty and a 99-cent chicken sandwich that I promptly choked on and ended up throwing up and spitting in a paper bag all the way home. Yuck. When I choke on something (because of the Lap-Band), I can't even swallow my saliva. If I do, it won't go down and just builds up down there in a mysterious place that I never knew I had until I eventually throw it up in one big wad. It's not normal saliva. It's really thick and it's extremely hard to spit it out because it wants to hang together as one solid object. It invariably ends up partly in whatever I spit it in and partly on my lips connected with a loooooooong string of saliva. It's like I'm spitting out sticky glue. I know. I'm so sexy.

Anyway, I made it home with my small vanilla frosty, put it in the freezer to harden back up, added some protein powder to it, and ate it.
Barnaby is home early from work. We're going out to dinner. Yes, we eat dinner early like we're 80 years old. Hopefully I won't gag and spit in the restaurant. I hate it when that happens.

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