Monday, August 14, 2006


I've been busy running errands all afternoon. Bank, post office, Dollar Store, Starbucks, pharmacy & grocery store and mom & dad's. I even managed to do two loads of laundry. Now I can relax while I'm away most of the next two days for my dad's surgery knowing that I'm not behind on anything. I bought a rotisserie chicken for my supper and got Barnaby a fat ribeye steak. I also made spinach dip, and we have homemade yeast rolls that I made yesterday.

Did I mention that I accidentally cleaned and rearranged my entire kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, cabinets and drawers this weekend? I was only going to do the refrigerator and pantry, but ended up doing the whole shebang. It took all day. Everything is clean and organized. I just have to get used to where I put everything. I open five drawers now every time I need something. Patsy, you would be proud of me. I even went to the Dollar Store and bought stackable bins and baskets and drawers for the pantry. It looks so good compared to when you were here. I wonder how long before I mess it all up again?

I wonder what's up with all the energy the last two days? I didn't realize I had it while it was happening, but now that I'm writing down everything I've done, it seems like alot compared to my normal sluggish goings on. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I can actually eat now without throwing everything back up. By the way, I still have not heard ONE WORD from that doctor about that letter I sent. What a creep.

I probably won't update tomorrow or Wednesday. I don't plan on being here much. Say a prayer for my daddy tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! I love it when I get that kind of energy surge. Those things have to be done once in a blue moon so that's great that you got your surge on and used it wisely. I need one of those to clean the outsides of my kitchen cabinets and oil them. I'm still waiting for a surge.


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