Friday, July 07, 2006

Sugar = Love

I'm sitting here eating some magically delicious dry Lucky Charms and drinking iced coffee. I had bought the Lucky Charms a few months back for my son, but I keep forgetting to give them to him when I see him. I was desparate for a snack the other day and opened them, and I haven't stopped eating them since. Can't. Stop. Help. Me. Those little dehydrated marshmellow stars and rainbows and whatevers are little bits of yummy sugar that dissolve in your mouth. And there are lots of them. You can get one in every bite. I think they really are magical. Look. They've made my eyes look really good! Oh, wait.

Here is something really stupid about Lucky Charms. Here is something even more stupid.

Can you tell I'm bored? I'm tempted to clean something. That's how bored I am. Nah. I said I was bored, not stupid.

You know what I thought of last night when I couldn't sleep? I have to remember to tell my doctor not to be surprised or shocked or grossed-right-the-f-out when he does my tummy tuck. I'm pretty sure he might find some dog hair in my belly button. I always find a dog hair there when I look. Gee, maybe cleaning it out before I go would be a good idea. You think I'm a dirty skank, don't you? I see you looking at me that way. It's no worse than finding corn in your poo. Or a toenail.

I need to go now. I think I'm getting high on sugary cereal. Yep idobelive I ammmm. Beye, yal'

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  1. Okay... that's really interesting because my dry cereal snack of choice is Trix (not just for kids anymore!) so I try not to EVER buy it because then I have to have a cup of it sitting around... you know, like a candy dish or something. It's weird! I wonder if other people do this or if it's just us sugar addicts.


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