Saturday, July 15, 2006

Product Review: Dazzle Toez


Believe, me. No one is more surprised that I really like these than me. I thought it was the weirdest idea ever. But after my toenail-bashing extravaganza this year, I needed something to cover my big toenails so thought I'd give them a try while mine grow back out. They looked so good when I got them on, I went ahead and put on all the others. Fabulous! A French manicure for your toenails in mere minutes. And they're all the same length. They make my feet look really clean. Go ahead and try them just for fun. I bet you end up leaving them on. These were $4.84 at Wally-Mart. (There will be no pictures of live toes on my blog, EVER! Eww.)

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  1. How funny! I heard that Avon has a new product out for fingernails that is like nail polish only it's more like a colored nail covering that goes on dry and comes off with regular nail polish remover. I think I'm gonna try that.


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