Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kitty Loves the Smell-Good

I spilled a bunch of baby powder on the bathroom floor. Kitty found it and rubbed her head all in it. She loves perfume and powder and anything that smells good. She'll rub her face all over my wrist if I have perfume on, and she'll even get so excited she'll softly bite on it. Weird. Doesn't she look sweet with that powder all over her though? At least she doesn't roll in dog shit or dead fish like dogs do. She knows what smells good and what doesn't.

Want to be entertained for a few minutes? Watch this. I think it's great. It's so cleverly written, and it's amazing that he memorized it and can recite it so fast without making any mistakes. He's 69 years old too. I saw him do this on Letterman a few months ago, and then again on Leno a couple of weeks ago.

What is up with the fact that I keep bashing my foot into things and breaking my big toenail? I swear, I've done it at least five times this year to both feet. I just did it again a few minutes ago. Is this another thing that happens when you start to get old? I've never done it before, and now it seems like I do it every month. It's not like I have really long toenails either. It looks gross when your big toenail is broken down to the quick. Every time they grow out half-way decent, I smash it into something again. It's starting to piss me off! I wear sandals or open-toes every day March through November around here. I guess I'm going to have to buy some close-toed house shoes to wear in the house all the time. Hey, have you seen those glue-on fake toenails they have out now? I've always thought they were weird, and who would wear fake toenails, but now I'm starting to think they might be a good idea, at least for my big toes. Maybe I'll go get some and see if they'll work until mine grow out again. Feet are so gross. I hate them, especially men's feet. Bleh! Even the cleanest manicured feet make me sick. I hope my toenails don't get thick and yellow when I'm old. Surely there's a way to keep that from happening. We can go to the Moon (supposedly), for goodness sake. Somebody invent something to keep our toenails purdy. Good Lord. That was a long rant about toenails.

Speaking of the Moon, I'm not sure I believe we actually landed there. I've seen all the TV shows about the Moon conspiracy, both sides of the issue, and I'm still undecided. What do you think?


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  2. I think you are starting to sound like Granny B. I remember she went off on it one day when I was at her house and I was shocked and surprised by her passion on the subject. She didn't believe we went to the moon either! I believe we did but those conspiracy shows are interesting and do aggrivate your imagination.


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