Monday, June 05, 2006

Your Feet are Nas-tay. Oh, And Sexy

New Shoes

I finally got the shoes I ordered forever and a day ago. They've been on backorder. I'd really given up on ever getting them. Did you know that you can't post pictures of your feet, or even talk about feet on Ebay? If you were selling shoes and mentioned something about your feet, Ebay would not allow your shoes to be posted for sale there. You would have to omit all talk about feet. It has something to do with people with foot fetishes. Isn't that weird? Here is an actual letter from someone at Ebay explaining why a particular listing for shoes was pulled:

"Since there are sellers who list shoes as fetish items, eBay has adopted strict guidelines for the listing of used shoes. The following are some examples of what is considered inappropriate in listings on the general site:

* Marketing the person who wore the clothing, rather than the clothing item itself. ("TYLER'S used/worn shoes", "MY used socks", "JOCK WORN/USED", "FRAT BOY WORN/USED", "I have worn this shirt daily as I work out", etc.).

* Any reference to odor or stains. (Ewww!)

* No reference to "fetish", "special request" or other sexual innuendo is allowed.

* Indicating the item has not been or will not be properly cleaned (any reference to odor, shipping in a zip lock bag, etc.).

* Images showing the sellers face, whole body or that are sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate. In listings for used shoes or socks, the image cannot show above the knee, and the foot must be totally inside of the item being sold (no bare foot in a sock auction; no foot outside shoe even partially, in a shoe auction, etc.)."

This was taken from Rob's Sunday, April 16, 2006 entry.


  1. I did not know that about Ebay. But, does it bother you that some foot fetish person might be... you know.... doing the nas-tay over this picture of YOUR feet?

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I am, Yessssssssssssssssss

  3. Nice shoes you got. I shall be sure not to show them to a certain young redhead fashion show who has been bugging me for shoes like that for a couple of years now.

    And the eBay stuff? Eeeeew! Just... Ewwwwwww!


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