Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Shopping & Product Review

One of the t-shirts I bought.
We’ve had a great day so far. We went shopping at Target, Old Navy, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Academy Sports. There was a Starbucks run and lunch at Chili’s in there somewhere too.

I got a couple of t-shirts, a jean skirt, some ankle socks, a desk clock for my office on clearance, a fancy cheese knife set (a gift for one of Barnaby’s poker buddies who likes to cut the cheese – I mean, likes cheese), some doggie steps to help Phoebe get on the bed (Oh, hush. She’s a cripple and can sleep on the bed if she wants!), six $1 dog toys, a tube pan for baking angel food cake, rubber fishing worms (part of Dad’s Day present, shhh), two magazines (Runners World and Fitness), Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Frosted Mini-Wheats, and a set of biscuit cutters.

I’m dying to make Paula Deen’s yeast biscuit recipe. Now I have a biscuit cutter to do it with. I’ll be cutting that recipe in half though. I just love Paula Deen, don’t you? Hey, Boon Pappy, check out that link at the bottom of that recipe page for "Oyster Shooters." Ha!

We had a storm last night with lightening and thunder and not much else. The rain gauge didn’t even register. We’re supposed to get more storms this evening and in the morning. Hopefully we’ll get more than a bunch of racket and a light show out of those. We’re under water restrictions and can only water our yard one day a week before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. That’s not a whole lot of water when it’s 100 degrees in the shade.

Product Review: Johnson's Softwash Body Wash & Moisture Care Baby Wash.

Absolutely fabulous, both of them. I use the one in the white container every day in the bath or shower, and the other stuff goes in all the hand soap dispensers in my house. I just love the smell of baby soap and lotion. Nothing smells cleaner. (More clean?) The Softwash makes a great shaving cream too. It's thick and lathery.

I got one magazine in the mail and two while out shopping today. I’ll be in my happy spot with L.B. if anybody needs me.

That is all. Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I will check it out. Your blog is rockin. So am I. Got to go to work with 20 yr olds. Pull my finger.

  2. Oh cool. I just love your product reviews. Hey! You can wear horizontal stripes now??? Brave woman.


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