Monday, June 12, 2006

Product Review & Rambling

I love Starbucks' coffee, and I drink way too much of it. I drink it cold, on ice, with Coffee Mate Original lowfat refrigerated, non-dairy creamer and no sugar. I drink at least two 32-oz glasses of it every day. Barnaby likes his hot, so I just save whatever is left in the pot in a glass pitcher in the fridge for me to drink once it has gotten cold. I hate to pour hot coffee, or even room temperature coffee, over ice. It melts the ice and dilutes the coffee too much. It must be cold when you poor it over the ice. Starbucks needs to learn this. If they're going to have iced coffee on their menu, they should have some refrigerated to serve. They just poor scalding hot coffee over some ice and hand it to you. By the time you get to the door, all the ice has melted and you have semi-cool coffee. Ick. This will serve as my product review for the week. I forgot again last week. No other coffee will do. I can't really tell that it's another brand until I drink it cold. I can definitely tell then if it's not Starbucks. Good Lord. I can't believe I wrote a whole paragraph about coffee. Riveting, no? Um, no.

I don't remember what I was watching, but it was something like 20/20 or Dateline or something. They were interviewing Larry Flynt about him sending a free copy of his magazine, Hustler, every month to all Congressmen which he's done for 30 years. He said he wants them to be familiar with the material they are legislating and making decisions about. They took him to court over it years ago, and he won. The deciding factor was that he sent the magazines to their offices and not their homes, thereby making it job-related material and overriding the fact that they felt it was obscene. Or something like that. Of all of their protesting and the big deal they still make of it, he said, "They gag on a gnat and swallow an alligator." I love that line. I'm not saying I agree or disagree; I just love the line.
This picture of a rose in my backyard would have been a good "feminine" picture for yesterday. Pretty, huh?

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  1. I hadn't really noticed Starbucks coffee was all that good. I mean, it's good, but nothing to write home about. Now Gevalia coffee. Mmmmmm.... yeah, that's something to write home about, plus the company is really great to deal with. I wrote them recently that I had broken a part on my coffee maker they sent to me months ago, and asked if I could purchase a new part. They e-mailed me to just throw that coffee maker away and they were sending me out an entire new coffee maker. FABULOUS! I manage my account with them on line where I can order new stuff, or change my regular order or whatever. Their catalogue stuff... cups, dishes, etc. is expensive so I don't by it, but the coffee and tea is worth the money for sure. I've never gotten into iced coffee. I guess it probably does taste completely different than it does hot. I thought about using a rose for the "feminine" photo, but was holding out for something better so I guess I'm not going to submit that photo at all now. Love your product reviews!


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