Friday, June 02, 2006

California Jewels & Spanish/French Caffeine

My sister gave me this bracelet. It's much more sparkly and colorful than it shows in this picture. The black beads are magnetized and that's the only thing that holds it on. Isn't that cool? I haven't seen these in Texas yet. She brought mine from California. California, where they get all the cool stuff first apparently. Probably because it's not twice the temperature of the sun there like it is here.

I got rid of the blueberry bars. My mom is having some neighbors over to play marbles tonight so I sent them home with her. If I didn't, I would eat all of them myself and my ass would explode. I finally have my ever-so-easily-exploding ass under control and down to a normal size. Don't want to screw it up. Remember, lots of good food = giant-sized ass. Aren't you glad I've solved that mystery for you? You're welcome.

They've loaded me up with work again on a Friday. I swear they save it all up and send it all on Friday and then want it done by Monday. I'm not complaining though. At least I don't have to get up Monday through Friday, put on fancy clothes, drive in traffic, and put up with co-worker freaks as long as business is good. I can set my own hours, stay home with my dogs, get up late, and work in my pajamas or half-nekkid if I want. Fully nekkid would just be wrong. What's the matter with you?

I'm off to help K load the kayaks up. We sold them and are delivering them to their new owners tonight. I'm going to try to weasle a stop at Starbucks out of him too. Shouldn't be too hard since he likes it as much as I do. Frappaccinos are so damn good. The light ones are good too. I can't tell the difference. I hear they have a new banana/coconut flavor. I need to check it out. He goes for the triple grande soy latte. Isn't the word grande Spanish and the word latte French? What's up with that?

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  1. Hey, did I tell you I bought those bracelets on e-bay? There are lots of sellers that have them, but you gotta look for the sellers with the low shipping price because evidentally some of those sellers think is costs $8 bucks to mail a one-ounce bracelet. Did selling your kayaks make you sad? Those are so cool!


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