Friday, June 23, 2006

Brett Somers


I just love Brett Somers. She's the kind of person I would love to be friends with. I bet she's got some great stories. I was just reading some things online, and I saw something that made me smile. She was talking about how much fun it was working with Charles Nelson Riley on Match Game back in the 70s. She said, "Charles never called me Brett. He always called me Susan for no reason at all." It made me smile because Boon Pappy calls me Suzanne all the time.


She still looks pretty good, doesn't she?

Birth name: Audrey Sommers
Stage name: Brett Somers
Birthdate: 7/11/24
Birthplace: New Brunswick, Canada
Spouse: Jack Klugman (1953 - 1974)
Children: 3; Adam, David, Leslie

Brett's career on Match Game came quite unexpectedly. According to a recent interview, she reported that her husband at the time, Jack Klugman, was asked to be a panelist on the show. Fortunately for Brett, when the phone call came from the station, Jack was out of town."...When we got to California 'Match Game' asked if Jack and I would do it. And I said, 'Jack's on the road,' so they said, 'Would you do it?,' and I said, 'Sure!' So I did it!..." Although Jack appeared, he didn't bond well with the show and its format, however Brett adapted quite quickly. She became great friends with Charles Nelson Reilly - who sat to her left, and got along marvelously with the host, Gene Rayburn. Nine years later, after the Rayburn era was cancelled, she was a guest-panelist on the remake; Match Game '90 and now is living comfortably in Conneticut and starring in her own one-woman cabaret show; "An Evening with Brett Somers."


  1. I always LOVED that show... used to watch it faithfully back then. I don't watch any game shows faithfully now, but I do like DEAL OR NO DEAL. Howie gets on my nerves sometimes though. Dr. Smith would have been a good host for that show..... "Alright you bumbling bucket of bolts, Deal or No Deal!" Then he'd do that Dr. Smith scream when the contestant answers... "Oh the pain.... the pain..."

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    you must have watched the ricky lake one? it made me laugh. I loved Fannie Flag always seated last. Mary Ann Mobley can bite me!
    She was not funny and kinda dumb and stop with the rhymes Nippsy

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    That was me above.



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