Monday, May 22, 2006

What Are Ya Gonna Do?

We took my sister to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight. Yum. She says they have a restaurant like it, The Original Roadhouse, in California. Peanut shells all over the floor, homemade rolls, good food, country music way too loud, and strangers sitting way too close for comfort. I like my privacy. In fact, I’m most comfortable in my home, doors locked, curtains and blinds drawn, and a small lamp on in the corner. I could stay that way for days and be perfectly happy. It’s gotten worse now that I work from home. I get pissy and put-out when I have to go somewhere. You know, out for groceries, prescriptions, family obligations, and such like that. I do it anyway. What are ya gonna do?

My youngest son got a motorcycle. Gah! Why doesn't he just throw himself into a wood chipper right in front of my very eyes and get it over with? I found out about it when he came over to my parents’ house for Easter dinner…in Dallas traffic…not wearing a helmet! It makes my heart hurt to think about it, so I’m not going to. What are ya gonna do?

Boon Pappy just told me that Anderson Cooper is going to be on Oprah with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, tomorrow. I like Anderson Cooper. Last year when the hurricanes came and there was 24-hour coverage of them, I was flipping back and forth between Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Shepard Smith (FOX News) doing their coverage. I really like George Stephanopoulos too. I think I might have a problem – a news anchor fetish or something, and I’m just realizing it as I type this. I like news. I like being entertained when I watch the news. They just happen to be good-looking guys who deliver it to me. What are ya gonna do?

I am magazine rich at the moment. I got one in the mail and two at the store today. Y’all know I love me some magazines. I read mostly fitness magazines, celebrity news magazines, and cooking magazines. I also really like Lucky Magazine, “a magazine about shopping.” I had a subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine for years. I’m not sure when it happened, but I got really bored with all the, “How to satisfy your man in bed, how to make every man in town want you, how to have an orgasm in 20 seconds while driving to work, stuff your naked self in Saran Wrap and meet him at the door, clap your hands three times, blah, blah, blah.” Did I used to like reading that stuff and then suddenly not like reading that stuff? Did I get old? Am I not hip anymore? Anyway, I just stopped taking it. What are ya gonna do?

Time to wrap this thing up for another day. What are ya gonna do? You guys go eat at a good restaurant, hug your kids, watch some Fox News, read a smutty magazine, and I’ll talk at ya tomorrow. Tootles.

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